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Wrestling With Why Afterthoughts

April 10, 2013

Man is a combination of 4 components that make him “him”: heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Anything that explains truth meaningfully reaches all 4 of those things in us.  Confusion about truth usually occurs when those individual components believe strongly in things that appear to be in opposition.

In that light, it makes sense that Christians, and people in general, struggle with the why’s of sexuality and marriage.   It seems arbitrary and maybe petty that God would care that the bodies that house souls (which are essentially genderless) participate only in sex within a certain committed context defined by him (which we call marriage) with the opposite gender.  Isn’t commitment and love generated and showed through it the important part anyway?  What does gender have to do with it?  When it comes to sex, why wouldn’t God want people to participate in something that is as good as it with everyone possible?  Why limit it to one person?  Furthermore, why limit it to opposite genders?  These questions create and the sexuality involved create conflict in our 4 components.  Admitting that God’s reasoning seems mysterious isn’t unfaithful – it’s actually biblical.  That is what Paul is saying in Ephesians.  Paul tells us that people – smart, spiritual people – had only clues but no concrete idea why God created gender, marriage, and restricted sex within the confines of marriage.  They found the reasoning of God mysterious.  Paul tells us there that that mystery only made sense with the revelation of Jesus as Christ.

Through Jesus we learn that the reason God created gender, sex, and marriage was to give us a beacon that spoke to all of the 4 components of ourselves about the purpose to why the universe and man was created in the first place.  Marriage, the combination of man and woman (woman coming out of man so she is the same but also different) represents the eternal purpose that God has to forever expand his son and give him a bride (a bride which came out of his side so she is the same but is also different).  Creating two genders illustrate different things (that are the same in a certain way) becoming one.  Jesus and us – different things that are the same, are to become one.  Sex was created to give us 4 component insight to the wonderful communion we will have with Jesus for eternity.  That love reproduces.  We are not created to forever be servants or forever be giving God the rock star treatment – we were created to become his son and be one with him which elevates us to family.  He is including us in his oneness which requires equality.  That is an incredible statement.  It shows God’s amazing humility and grace.

So, gender isn’t arbitrary.  Sex confined to marriage and gender isn’t arbitrary.  God creating a thing which we call marriage in making a special commitment between a man and a woman forever is different than when people of the same gender do it.  The very reason these things were created in the first place was to tell that story.  Scripture teaches that.  If they are altered it nullifies their purpose and at worst actively obscures God’s actual purposes.  It doesn’t matter if those altered things have merits, participating in them at best only gets us to settle on the momentary good and not on the eternal best.

If we accept what Scripture is teaching above, then this story reaches far more than homosexuality or whether gay commitment is marriage.  Participating in that wonderful story that tells the purposes of God must have us confront the reasons why God hates divorce and yet we let ourselves off the hook about being too concerned for it or promiscuity in the church or how we treat our spouses or why we far too often let women be dominated.  I pray that seeing the why’s of sexuality and marriage will help us confront things in opposition to God’s grand purpose that we have previous allowed ourselves by just saying “Well, those are just the rules.”

Love to all,


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  1. April 11, 2013 12:01 am

    Very thoughtful post. It is great to read posts from Christ-followers that speak Biblical truth but wrap it inside of God’s grace. I recently wrote about the same thing but from a different perspective.


  1. Confessions of an Adulteress: an honest look at homosexuality and the church | Law, Truth, and Grace

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