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MWBC 24-7 365

November 30, 2012

1 week of camp.  51 weeks of waiting.

At least, that’s how it felt for me as a camper.  MWBC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year sounds pretty much like what I’ve been trying to get my life to ever since!  MWBC (and Senior week in particular) not only connected me to Christ in way that was different than anywhere else, it connected me to some of the best people I’ll ever know – people I seriously love to this day.  I always hated speeches at the end of camp talking about “going back to the real world” because, to me, what happened that week felt more real than anything I felt the other 51 weeks of my life.  I dreamed for this experience I had to invade my life, swallowing up more and more weeks with its reality.  The rest of this letter is dedicated to you who are reading this who feel the same way.

Humor me with a few assumptions.  One, God has a plan for the world that he cares for intensely.  Two, God places people exactly where he chooses to further that plan.  Three, he makes each person with His purpose in mind – you aren’t an accident.  Four, that purpose isn’t centered on a physical job you are to do or an income class you are to earn yourself into.

You need to ask yourself why God placed you in Iowa.  You need to ask yourself why the community at MWBC produces the spiritual results in you and others around you that it does.  I’ve learned something in the years after camp.  Those connections I made through that experience and the spiritual fruit they bore in my life were much more important to the purpose of my life (and my contentment) than any day of work, anything I bought, any class I took, and any hang out I had with my friends.  Now that I look at it, I wish I had explored it more – took more time to grow that community.  That community and the way it lived Christ when it got together was more important than most of the spiritual things I’ve set out to achieve in my life.

Now let’s make a fifth assumption.  Let’s assume that God’s purpose involves bringing all of those people out of being their own selves and into one thing – Christ.  Let’s assume that that people expressing Christ as a community is the most important thing we could ever do and is, in a lot of ways, exactly what we will be doing in the afterlife.

MWBC is only one week because we allow it to only be one week.  We allow only one week to be consumed with putting everything we have in learning Christ in a community and giving our all.  Assuming the things above, what are we waiting for to make this thing something that is a bigger part of our lives?  How important would that be to our lives and the lives of people around us if we did that?  Could taking this oneness we feel during that week and expanding it to more of our life and across our states be one of the most important things we do –not just during high school – but in life in general?

Engage is coming up next week.  You who feel the same way should come.  Find someone to cover your work.  Miss a game.  Come from college to help out.  Do whatever you can to get there.  Why?  Because this one week you have that is so special can expand and be bigger but it’s going to take sacrifice – especially from you older ones.  There is always something else important you can do.  Sacrifice inspires.  The one week can expand in your life and the lives of others around  you if you take ownership where it is allowed.  That’s the ultimate plan of Engage.  There is a strong desire to make this community you experience grow into this time in your life – to bond you together and create space in those weeks outside of camp.  This is a point where you can own whether you will peak at camp and slowly decline until you get back or you can grow and bring something new the next time.

If it wasn’t for a girl who was willing to be nice to a nerdy guy in a four square line at MWBC, my life wouldn’t be the same!  People I connected with at MWBC came with me to Australia, paid for me to go there, moved to Michigan to be a ministry force, and have taught me about his amazingness through their lives from one end of the earth to the next through my entire life.  I hope even better things for you.  I hope you choose this good and communities of you rock the foundations of society around Iowa and the world.

I plan during free time to have a group time where we talk, take your ideas, and formulate a plan (and a team) to make this a greater reality.  Send me a message on FB or to if you want that.  Much love to you all!


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